Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why not transplant now? Contest #3!

A friend of mine was recently asking about my treatment and why they don't just do a transplant now, seeing how it is the only definitive cure. Good question! The reason is two fold....

1. Even though the a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) is the only proven cure, it is not a guarantee. I don't know the exact statistics, but it seems like more than half the people who get a BMT have some type of relapse. In other words, they still have the disease.

2. Even at its most optimistic, the one year survival rate of a BMT in Chronic phase (my phase) is about 60%. If I have a progression of the disease, one year survival after a BMT can drop to as low as 20%. Maybe Natalie and Umberto can explain all the various pitfalls of BMT.

So as you can plainly see, I have a much better chance of surviving with medication than with a BMT. Plus, the cost of transplantation are very high considering all the genetic typing, radiation, harvesting of cells, and post operative treatment.

To show how far medicine has come, my oncologist told me that just 15 years ago, the ONLY treatment for CML was BMT. Now there are three medications out there that work. Hope this helps.

Ok, here is picture number three for the Caption contest!!


  1. Kane squirrels know how to party!

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    For those non-speaking Spanish people, here is your translation:

    Si, Senor, I am a Spanish squirrel who indulges in only the finest of cigars and wine, but I must compliment you Americans on your cheap booze and cigarettes. Lacuccharachia. Tis the best. And hanging out on your front stoop has been the ultimate in party times. Gracias, Josef and your lovely wife.

  3. Joe T (the old single days after the Buckhorn)

  4. Umberto, please confirm comment #2.

  5. Jes, I confirm comment # tuna. As for the BMT talk, it got me thinking about BLTs. How about some bacon.

    On that note, the caption:

    "Kane, PA squirrel get's trashed after seeing itself in a mirror and realizing that he is not a chipmunk."

  6. Our pet squirrel Reno, a couple hours after we had him neutered...


  7. big bobby b's replacement for mr. cheeks!

  8. LOL! These are hilarious! I got nuttin' honey!