Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I was hungry when I wrote this.

Today I received good news about my PCR. My PCR went from 31% to 18%. PCR measures the ratio of good protein (ABL) to bad protein (BCR-ABL) in my blood. The BCR-ABL protein tells my body to make all these bad white blood cells. The PCR test is a much more accurate measurement of how the medication is working to destroy the leukemic cells in my body. I know, I know I can hear all the screams now...
"But Mr. Thornburg, why did you tell us that your white blood cell count was the way to measure your disease earlier?"

Sometimes, adults must not divulge all the information to children like yourself. The truth is that the extra white blood cells were only the by product of my bad bone marrow. The root of the problem is this mutated protein (BCR-ABL) that is flowing through my blood. It is this protein that must be eradicated. Once the protein is gone, the bad white blood cells will be gone.

Imagine you walk into your kitchen and see thousands of ants (which represent white blood cells) just going to town on your double decker german chocolate cake (which represents your body, no laughs please). You can take your shoe and just crush those little buggers till your hearts content. But they will return as you have not dealt with the source of the problem, the Queens (BCR-ABL) which make those critters and send them out to devour your cake. Once you get rid of the queens (BCR-ABL), the little ants (white blood cells) will go away. Understand now? Good. I need a snack.


  1. I think you should retire as a music teacher and pursue the medical profession.


  2. I'm confused, so what happens if the ants go after the apple pie instead?

  3. Then my apple pie lookins sister is in big trouble and not me (the german chocolate cake)

  4. Hey Joe, it's good to read about your health improvements. Great picture of the group...someone there must be great with a camera and tripod. Next time you're on Blackhawk St. don't forget that we are across the street. Hope to be able to hang out soon,

  5. I feel like I'm reading a script from House,MD or something. I think interferon cures everything if I'm not mistaken.
    Thanks for explaination and congrats on your progress.