Wednesday, May 18, 2011


According to my last blood test, I have reached a major milestone in treatment, MMR or Major Molecular Response. What does that mean? Basically it means I have achieved a 3-log reduction in my PCR tests. I see confusion on your faces still.

What is a Log Reduction?
The simplest way to explain a one-log reduction it is to take any interger (say 31) and move the decimal point over one number to the left. So 31 (31.0) becomes 3.1. A two log reduction would make 31 into .31. A 3 log reduction would make 31 into .031.

The goal of treatment is to get to a 3 log reduction from your initial PCR test. I have achieved that. Actually I have achieved greater than a 3 log reduction since my last PCR was .014 and my first PCR was 31.

Whats PCR? Go back and read the blog post titled "I was hungry when I wrote this." See you in threee months!