Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Many people loved him in "Ghost." Others for "Roadhouse." Maybe even "To Wong Foo: Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar." My favorite is this one. Hope you all enjoy..

Patrick Swayze Movie

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 6 months!

Last Thursday was my 6 month anniversary of being told I have Leukemia. Its so strange to think that it has been that long already. I got a little anniversary present from the hospital yesterday too, my WBC is down to 8,800! Down from 340,000 in March. I have developed mild to moderate side effects to the medication I have to take on a daily basis. Nothing to bad. I have constant dark circles under my eyes (called frog eye), I can't tan anymore (hundreds of little pink and white blotches form on my skin whenever I am exposed to sun), I have edema (the abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin), I get muscle cramps in my hands and feet, and my digestive system goes way out of whack sometimes. The digestive issues consist of a noisy gut where my stomach will make the loudest gurgling sounds I have ever heard, some nausea, and I have a hard time making a normal fluffy. Fluffy you ask? Its my way of saying bowel movement. You know kind of like, "Well, I have had my morning coffee and bran. Time to go make a fluffy!"

The hardest side effect to deal with is the foggy brain I have had. I will just space out completely and forget words, names, phone numbers, etc... Its hard to take because my brain is what separates me from most of you morons.

But the side effects are tolerable. The worst part of the last six months is the constant cycles of anxiety, followed by relief, then more anxiety. When I was diagnosed, I was extremely upset (anxiety). But then I kind of accepted it and was even excited to see the doctor (relief). When I got into his office, I realized I didn't want to be there (anxiety), but he ended up being great (relief). Then I didn't want to take my first pill (anxiety) and then I saw it didn't affect me to bad (relief). Its been like that for six moths. I will have good blood test, and feel great. I will get some news that isn't great and feel anxious about it and worry. I'll be thinking about vacation next summer and then all of a sudden I will think "What if I get worse?" Overall, I think I have adapted very well. I don't let the disease run my life. I take my pills, call my doc with questions, and am very active looking up this condition on the internet. Hopefully the next six months will hold more of the same so far!