Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When I Find myself in times of trouble, Mother Gleevec comforts me...

Today I received a call from my hematologist with some great news. My WBC is now down to 30,000! Plus, my Red Blood Cells (RBC) and hemoglobin (HGB) are inching higher toward the normal range. Leukemia produces millions of white blood cells and they crowd out all the other good cells, thereby making you anemic. I should have known someting was wrong because during basketball, I could barely make it up and down the floor 3 times without gasping for air. In my prime, I was good for at least 4 trips, 5 on a good day.

I also received a second opinion yesterday, well actually two. The first was from another hematologist at UPMC. He said I was being treated exactly how I should and he would do the same thing. The other was from a friend who I shall call JI. JI texted me yesterday and said (edited for content)..."I have your second opinion. You are still an A**hole." Nice.

I am nowhere near out of the woods yet. The reduction in my WBC is great, but it could turn later on down the road. However, it has restored one thing that I have lacked since March 10th at 4:10 PM...HOPE!! Thanks to all who talk to me about it, pray for me, write here, etc... It helps a lot. However, my hematologist suggested each of you donate one paycheck a month to me. Seems a new study has suggested that a sudden onset of monetary wealth brings about remission much quicker. Barring that, I will still accept prayers, good luck wishes, etc...

Peace for now

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  1. That is awesome news! I'll keep the prayers coming, but I've got kids to feed. So....in the words of the Soup Nazi "No paycheck for you. Come back one year!"
    Hope is better than most medicine, so I'm glad you found it.