Monday, August 24, 2009

Another battle has begun....

I wanted to do something good this summer. I wanted to do something domestic. I wanted to paint my house. Unfortunately, I don't go up on ladders. So, I asked my neighbors to help and they accepted my offer of $1 a day plus 1 oz. of water per hour. My end of the bargain was to buy all materials, and to start to repair my porch which I though would be mainly replacing trim, some molding, etc... Little did I know. What started out as a simple project has now morphed into me considering tearing my whole porch down and spending $$$$$ to have it replaced. I hear your cries. What happened? How did it come to this? I shall explain....

I had a little mail slot on the side of my screen door. I noticed the bottom trim piece needed replaced. I took it out. I noticed then that the whole side piece (about 1' by 2') needed replaced. No problems. Just some quarter round and some thin plywood. I THEN noticed that the floor boards beneath the piece were rotted out. No problem, only about 1 foot of boards needed replaced. I removed them. I THEN noticed that my floor joists were rotting way! I started to remove that wood and then discovered I had carpenter ants. Ugh. I then started going deeper and deeper and further to the sides and I now have to replace about 12 feet of floorboards, am still digging to see how far my floor joists are rotted and found out that one whole corner of my porch has virtually NO support whatsoever, save a few strands of wood the ants and water havent touched yet. SOOOOO, if you have any discretionary income and wish to have your name permanently attached to one of my floorboards please send $$$!

On the Leukemia front, I will go for another round of genetic testing and a mutational analysis to see why the medication isn't working as well as it shoud.


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    Take care, Dennis