Friday, July 10, 2009

Pray for me.

It is upon us. Zero hour. I leave for my first family vacation in 8 hours. Some exotic destination? Vegas? Europe? NYC? Not quite. We are heading to Big Bear Lake, or Big Spring Lake, or Spring Box Lake, or H0t Box Lake, or something like that. I don't know many of the details except this: We have a cottage on or near the lake and it sleeps somewhere between 8-10 people. I get conflicting details about how close we are to civilization and what we are near.

The people who will be vacationing with us are.....
Honeybear (Wife)
Wife's mom
Wife's sister
Wife's sister's wife (yes, that is correct)
Wife's Aunt
Wife's grandmother
Wife's niece age 9
Wife's niece age 7
WIfe's niece age 11.

I forgot to add wife's sister is undergoing hormonal treatments right know in preparation for having a baby. Plus, only one of the adults drinks and wife's mom believes you shouldn't drink alcohol after 30. Soooooo as you can see, I am in for a great week. I love her side of the family. I truly do. BUT even wife's dad refused to spend a week with all those women, and he is their blood relative. I have been a trooper and bit my lip as I get more details from my wife like:
"We might have to sleep in the same room as the girls"
"I *think* it sleeps ten, but we have to bring an air mattress just in case."

If I do not return and this turns out to be my last post, tell my family I love them and the key is under the doormat.


  1. Thanks for the laugh buddy--good luck in hell.

  2. I guess you survived, right? Next summer, I see Thornburg family vacation. Let's beach it.