Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great weekend!

Thanks to all in Pittsburgh (friends, family, email machines) for a great weekend! Had a fantastic cookout with the fam (Wife, Mom, Donald, Aunt Carole and Aunt Andrea) on saturday and a wonderful dinner at The Haufbrauhaus (click on the name for the link) on Sunday with friends. Unfortunately, Uncle Gary was not feeling good and could not make it.

I am easing back into my P.L. life (P.L. = Pre Leukemia). Thanks to Allison O'Keister for the pic at the Hofbrauhaus. There will be another caption contest this week. I am too tired to do it now. Good night, and good luck.

1 comment:

  1. It was great to see you guys. Had a blast at the Hofbrauhaus!! I created a group for us on Facebook per your request. Let's try and do an outing once a month. =) Love ya lots bodyguard! Glad to see you feeling better.