Wednesday, June 24, 2009

THATS what daddy likes!

BAM! Bullseye!

WBC 9,200
RBC 5,400
HGB 14,100

In honor of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Click on his name!!! It's a link!!), here is a quote...

"Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia is something I have.......FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

And here are s0me more Triumph Links (click on the underlined text to see the clips for you people who have no idea how the internet works on your "email machines!)

Here is a good one

Making fun of Star Wars geeks!

I apologize to the many of you who know how hyperlinks work already. You must understand that some of my friends and family who visit this blog needed help on how to read this blog to begin with. I am simply helping them learn some of these new technologies that exist now.


  1. Woohoo - good news :-) Hope you're enjoying the summer!

  2. Have you seen "Attack of the email machines"? It is the best movie evah!

  3. and congrats on the bloodwork.