Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big Switch....

Well, I did it. I had my first appointment with my new hem/onc on Monday. I decided to forgo the treatment at West Penn and went to their rival, UPMC. While much can be said against a huge entity like UPMC, it has some distinct advantages. Their resources are incredible there. They have their own phlebotomy lab right in the doctors office! I don't have to take paperwork over to the outpatient lab (which was below par at West Penn), then wait to have my name called, then wait for the paperwork, then wait for the technician to call me in. The nurse told me they were going to do tests, I went to the lobby, sat down for 2 minutes, then was called in and had blood drawn! My whole appointment (including wait time) took 45 minutes. At West Penn, I would average about 3-4 hours for an appointment (most of it waiting). Not that my treatment at West Penn was bad, far from it. Its just UPMC made the whole experience so much nicer. All is still well here. Counts are normal and the UPMC staff seemed very happy with my response to the meds to this point. Just for fun, here is a cool link to an experiment with wood spiders......

Effects of Drugs on web-building

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  1. YES!!! UPMC!!! I had no idea you were going to West Penn... or didn't pay attention (sorry). Glad you are in better hands now. When is our next outting? I miss you!